This most evil of disorders renders us powerless – or does it?

I called my mother a few weeks ago to tell her about my youngest’s son special ‘landmark’ birthday coming up. I don’t usually ask her to remember birthdays because she never does, except hers of course, where she spends a week every year celebrating herself and insisting that everyone else joins in, more toddler child than 84-year-old woman. 

My mother couldn’t bear to have the conversation on the phone NOT about her, so she directed the conversation to herself, as is her norm. She described what she was doing, publishing her poetry and how everyone she knew and all her friends wanted copies of her vanity-press published tome (she has no real friends and acquaintances tolerate her, just). 

Two minutes into this chaos of ‘I’ conversation – with no mention of my son’s special birthday I did something I have never done before – but she has done to me very, very often. 

I HUNG UP ON HER! Yes, that’s right. I simply swiped the hang up button on my phone and ended the conversation. That was a month ago. I have not heard from her since. No contact. NONE. NADA. 

It’s a wonderful feeling of empowerment to do to her as she has done to me, and others. My darling son’s landmark birthday came and went with us celebrating with him, but nothing from her or my other siblings. No matter. 

I decided I could simply not carry on listening to her ‘I’ conversation one second longer. I waited to see if she called back, her thinking perhaps that the phone signal had been lost, but no nothing. I waited to see if she would call back a day or so later, complaining that I hadn’t called me back when we had lost signal but no nothing. 

Which leads me to one thought (you see how I gaslight myself into believing she has some good in her and how I over-analyse everything), that she knows exactly what she is doing, knows she is a Narcissist, knows how hateful she is, but simply doesn’t care, thinks she superior to everyone else, and that that is the way it is. 

My message today: Go get Power for Yourself and Shut Down the Narcissist in Your Life. 

Sending love to all those suffering. 

Miranda x


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