Embrace healing. You are whole!

I am not a religious person. I believe religion is one of the reasons for so much hatred in this world, but I believe religion helps many people, so who am I to judge – I simply won’t judge!

Having said that, there have been many times in my life where I have sought refuge in a church and have spoken to the minister there, who has always helped me, without pushing Christianity down my throat. I have gone there because I have been at my wits end. My simple soul has been battered by the Narcissists in my life and I didn’t know where to turn, so I went to the church, any church and told the minister there how bad I was feeling. He/She always helped and for that I am so grateful. The calm of a church environment always helped, but I must repeat I am not a Christian and I don’t go to church, ever, not in a ‘member of the club’ way. I respect anyone’s wishes to find solace whereever they can though.

I am writing about this because I want you to PRAY FOR PEACE within your soul. And that can mean pray in whatever way you choose, whoever you are. PRAY FOR PEACE from the Narcissist because you are WHOLE. You deserve PEACE and you have nothing to prove to anyone. By pray I mean meditate. It works.

My ‘religion’ is more spiritual – non-denominational. I meditate on the people in my life, the Narcissists, and I pray for the distance from them to keep me calm and at one with myself.

Narcissists cause incredible damage. They make us doubt who we are. They nullify our existence. They never, ever respect us as people, our space, our needs, ourselves as whole, living beings.

By meditating, even for two minutes at a time, on our beauty and wholeness, we can shower the Narcissist with bleach and zap them from our lives.

Try this:

Whatever you’re doing – whether you’re at work, at college, at home, take one minute to go deep inside yourself, inside your mind, and see yourself there, strong and smiling. How do you feel as you see yourself standing there, strong and smiling? Imagine the sun shining down on you, warming your body, your skin. Imagine your mind free and clear. Imagine your space warm and defined by nature.

Now, allow a soft blanket of love to fall onto your shoulders. The blanket is beautifully soft and it feels gorgeous again your skin. Relish the feel of this blanket, it’s velvet or silk or any material you adore. The blanket keeps you feeling safe and warm and still. It’s heavy on your skin but in a delicious way, in a soft way. It makes you feel protected and grounded.

Now imagine that this love blanket is your protective shield and will stop any bad feeling ever penetrating your inner being.

You’re strong. Nobody can pierce the protective layer you hold around you.

This simple meditation takes one minute to do, and will fill you with joy. Adapt it to suit yourself. If you don’t like the idea of a blanket, maybe use the mental imagery of a hug, some beloved person hugging you, or any image you choose.

Try to perform this meditation every hour if you can. You can do it anywhere, anytime. It will remind you how important you are, how you have the right to a quiet, self-determined life, you have the right to your own self, it will remind you how powerless the Narcissist is over your life, how powerful you are.

Let me know how you get on.

Sending love.

Miranda x

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