Get all Narcissists out of your life

This is the only way to live your best life, because this is the truth of it all, Narcissists kill – they kill themselves and they kill everyone they come into contact with, with their toxic personality. 

The only way to bring the flowers back into your life is to wipe them from your life, permanently and forever. 

There are four Narcissists in my life or on the periphery of my life, and I am always adapting my behaviour to fit around their evil brand of psychosis. It drains the life out of me, and I routinely say ENOUGH – not to them but to myself and my own family.

Narcissist number one is my mother. I have as little to do with her as possible now, and this is a complete flip-around of how she treated me growing up – she would have as little to do with me as possible, so as a young person I floundered in fear at approaching adulthood and sought refuge in reading and stories and my own company. 

Narcissist number two is my sister who knows not how to show warmth in any way. She is cold as ice but always wears a fake smile. She refuses to listen to anyone else’s ideas. She has to be the organiser of everything. No one else is important only she is, and she blames everyone else for problems she has caused. She is evil and it’s so sad. 

Narcissist number three is my brother’s ex-wife. Everything is about her. She is cold and wants nothing to do with anybody who doesn’t reflect back at her, her own image of perfection. She has ruined my relationship with her daughters, my nieces because she refuses to allow me any contact with them. For no reason other than her world, her perfection is the only thing that matters. 

Narcissist number four is my husband’s ex-partner who blames me for every little thing that has ever happened to her and uses passive aggressive torture to blacken my name in front of my husband’s son, his wife and their tiny son, meaning another relationship has been dirtied by them, and there is nothing I can do about it. 

Narcissist number four blames everyone around her for her lot in life and never looks to her own deficiencies. She is perfect and everyone else is at fault. 

These people are evil – all of them – and I have nothing to do with them anymore, but I hear of things on the grapevine and feel sick to the stomach when I hear mention of them and their narcissistic antics. 

If you have a Narcissist for a boss, the only thing you can do is look for another job but that might not be possible. If you can’t get away from the Narcissist in your life, reduce contact as much as possible and when you do have contact play the Narcissist tactic avoider game – which goes something like this: smile, agree with them and move on and don’t ever think things will get better, they won’t.

You deserve flowers in your life. 

Miranda xx

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